If you drive a car, eventually you’ll need some repair work done. Stuff breaks and wears out – like brake pads and wipers. Oil filters need changing, fluids need topping up – and the car needs some general housekeeping and maintenance done to it, so you can keep driving it.

So, should you roll up your sleeves and go DIY? It’s certainly tempting, and probably your best option for the easy stuff.

But every now and then, you’re going to need to go to a professional mechanic. Let’s weigh up the pros and cons, help you decide when to work on your car yourself – and when to go to the garage.


DIY car repairs have some obvious advantages – like saving money. But they also give you an opportunity to learn about how cars work, and sometimes going DIY is more convenient than going to your local garage.

Parts, especially used parts, are generally cheap. You pay mechanics for their time and experience, so by cutting them out of the equation, you’ll save money on labour. You might also save time.

Fixing minor issues or doing routine maintenance DIY means no appointments or waiting around. This is great for things like swapping out wiper blades, replacing blown bulbs, attaching a new mirror to replace a broken one – you know, easy fixes! And if you’re confident enough to do it, topping up oil, coolant and screenwash are all easy to do at home, too.


You will be limited by your knowledge when doing DIY car repairs. Without professional training, misdiagnosing or improperly fixing a problem is a real risk. And you can quickly run into trouble with not having the right tools, which might prompt you to buy some – adding more cost.

But without knowing how to use the tools, you’ll risk damaging your car (or yourself!).

Take changing brake pads as an example. Seems simple enough – remove wheels, remove old pads, replace everything – job done. Well, maybe not. Pads can get jammed in good, or have proprietary fixtures holding them in place that need tools and expertise to get out. And if you start fiddling with the brake calliper thinking that’ll release the pads, you risk leaking brake fluid and digging yourself into a deeper hole…

What might be a quick fix for a professional could turn into a lengthy project for a newbie, leaving your car undrivable, and stuck at home. That’s an expensive call out!


Professional mechanics have training and plenty of hands-on experience – it’s their job, after all. But they also have databases of knowledge, diagnostic tools, genuine parts – and a community of other mechanics to lean on when they’re stuck for a solution.

Of course, even the most seasoned mechanic will fluff it on rare occasions. But if you know absolutely nothing about car repairs, we’d dare say you’re more likely to run into trouble than we are!

In short, you couldn’t put your car in safer hands than by going to a professional, reputable local car mechanic.


Professional car repairs and car services come at a price. You might also have to wait for an available appointment, and be without your car during the repair period. You’ve also got to trust your mechanic not to fleece you, and to do a good job.

Luckily, pretty much all garages are in stiff competition – on everything from price to service quality.

Still, you don’t need to go to a garage for everything.

Think of it like this; if you cut your finger, you’ll have no problem putting a plaster on yourself and going about your day. But if you chopped your finger off – would you try to sew it back on yourself, or go and find a doctor?

And that’s all there is to it, really. When your knowledge and expertise runs out, you go find someone who’s got it, and ask them to solve your problem.

The decision between DIY car repairs and going to a garage ultimately depends on the task at hand, your comfort level with doing the repairs, and the time and resources at your disposal.

For routine maintenance or minor fixes, DIY can be cheaper, and more fulfilling. But for complex problems or when in doubt, it’s time to call a professional…


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