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Our Eastleigh Computer Diagnostics Centre is central to your car’s ongoing performance and offers a unique insight and a much easier way to diagnose any problems your car is experiencing.

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The way cars are built today and then further controlled and assessed means diagnosing the problems within your car is more effectively pursued by plugging your car into our on-site computer facility.

A facility which offers the best computer diagnostics in the Southampton area. We have software that can measure the goings on of a great many different car models and manufacturers on-board computers, and technicians who can assess logs and read outs and often fix the resulting computer diagnostics on the spot.


Within most cars leaving the production line in the last five to ten years you will find embedded microchips, sensors and computer processors throughout the length and breadth of your car.

These computer processors and feedback loops enable the on-board computer to run tests automatically and also alert you, the driver, to any potential problems while driving. From tyre pressure to whether the windscreen fluid or brake oil is running low.

A trained technician at our computer diagnostics centre in Southampton can plug software into your car’s computer and instantly run a computer diagnostics test to ensure that not only the software and on-board computer is running correctly, but also download all logs relating to your car’s performance.


As with any computer that runs every day, problems occur and software can malfunction. Often the only assistance required is a reset of individual chips but as this requires software access, a trained technician at the our centre will see this is done accurately and professionally.

However computer diagnostics repair doesn’t simply allude to correcting the on-board computer, invariably the service encompasses a whole car servicing and allows a mechanic to focus in on problems that your diagnostics have catalogued enabling issues to be fixed and resolved more precisely.

Such Eastleigh computer diagnostics tests revolve around, ignition timing issues, coolant temperature, crankshaft position, throttle opening, engine rpm levels, ignition coil firing and fuel injector performance.

Computer diagnostics don’t simply refer to your on board computer malfunctioning but allowing mechanics to access your computer to further dissect any problems with your car efficiently and at speed allowing for problems to be resolved effectively.


It is often recommended to have a car diagnostics check up at least once a year. Every garage and mechanic has different software to enable them to check a great range of different car models and manufacturers from Volvo and VIDA software to Ford, so please call beforehand.

Car computer diagnostics are quick and accurate and should you begin experiencing problems with your car then for the sake of bigger problems ensuing a quick run of the on board computer diagnostics in our Eastleigh garage could save you thousands of pounds.

Suspension, engine management and brakes are all vital errors that a car’s computer not only oversees but controls. Any malfunction within the individual parts will be reported back but if there is a software issue and this goes unchecked, then this could be potentially hazardous to you and others on the road.

When you visit Eastleigh computer diagnostics in Southampton, your car’s diagnostics log will be read by our software for any fault codes that have been generated. Instantaneously advising our mechanics and computer technicians of the problem at hand so we can fix the problem and have your car back on the road in a much quicker time and at a cheaper cost to you.

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