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Exhausted? You’ve come to the right place. For car exhaust repairs with the foremost solution to your problem and herein we will detail why. We have fully qualified car exhaust specialists who can attend to every minor or major exhaust problem your car may be experiencing.

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Our Eastleigh based car exhaust replacement service operates under a strict checklist to ensure you leave with an efficient exhaust. There are a variety of different things that can go wrong with your car exhaust system and below are just a few of the ways to pinpoint the problems and then ensure Eastleigh exhaust repair is seen to effectively.


The car exhaust system has two primary functions. To take the gases and potentially harmful fumes from within the engine at the front and expel them at the rear of the vehicle, ensuring no fumes or gases enter the cabin through air ventilation systems or directly via the front of the car.

Secondly, the exhaust acts as a noise reduction facilitator through use of a tubing system that exactly reflects the sounds the engine makes, bouncing the sound waves around so they come out the other end as silently as possible. While that is a rather simple way of detailing the methods and science behind such an extensive exhaust system, essentially that’s how a car exhaust system works.

Your car exhaust system uses two pieces of technology within four parts which is combined into one. A front pipe, middle silencer and tailpipe silencer and to compress gases, a catalytic converter. All of which are held together and in place by hinges and gaskets.


As with most things in a vehicle, unusual noises may be the first time you’ll notice anything wrong with your car exhaust system. Thankfully the exhaust is made of several parts which make minor issues cheap and easy to resolve. However if left for any length of time, corrosion can occur and more or all of a system may need replacing, increasing the cost. Visiting a local exhaust repair garage sooner rather than later is recommended.

The sounds you might hear and the connected issues are as follows:
Hisses – a crack or hole in the manifold, front pipe or a gasket is leaking.
Roars – usually the silencer, one or both, is clotted with condensed corrosive acid.
Coughing – perhaps a mere blockage but will need attention before something serious develops.
Vibrations – a clamp or manifold may have come loose.
Rattling – again something touching the exhaust or a clamp has come loose.


Long term corrosion caused by a build up of gases and resulting formations can cause serious car exhaust issues, as metal corrodes and spreads. Holes and cracks can appear the length of the tubing system, not only affecting the silencer but the catalytic converter also. In which case a whole car exhaust system may need attention rather than a simple scraping and blockage clearing.


Combined with the above indicative problems a vehicle system, due to the gases it processes can become extremely hot. Over time, parts can become conjoined and difficult to separate which in turn raises the cost of replacing car exhaust parts. Your car exhaust repair specialist will be able to advise further when you call us on 02380 611161.

That said,  exhaust repair in Eastleigh is a relatively low cost affair compared to other car issues but not one that should be left to corrode or crack further. Addressing and replacing parts of an exhaust system is always a cheaper road to go down than buying a completely new car exhaust system.

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